Competitive Intelligence
Maximize Your Edge Across Markets

Competitive Intelligence

Value Edge's scientific competitive intelligence solutions support pharma companies in addressing specific Key Intelligence questions (KIQ's) by collating secondary data where we comb through large data sets and secondary reports


Our CI Solutions include:


Integrate Edge - CI Platform

Integrate Edge is a cloud based, Competitive Intelligence platform integrating CI from a vast no. of proprietary & public domain sources, providing collaboration and customized competitive analytics.

Clinical Trial Benchmarking

Assessment of competitive clinical trial designs, endpoints, treatment settings, study populations for head-to-head comparison of likely marketing claims and target product profiles

Company/Product Profiles

Competitor profiles that goes beyond laundry listing to strategic benchmarking and competitive alliances

Competitive Landscapes and Pipeline Analysis

In-depth analysis of competitor pipelines by Phase/MoA/end points/study populations etc.

Digital Competitive Landscapes and Strategy

Analysis and meaningful insights on Digital Multi-Channel marketing initiatives of competitors

Conference/Congress Intelligence

Conference Intelligence that goes beyond traditional outputs to look at “strategic intent” of companies

Ad hoc CI monitoring/tracking

Customized newsletters that synthesize multiple data sources to save time for competitive intelligence professionals and allow them to do “more”

Business Development & Licensing Support

Value Edge offer services to help our clients identify, screen, evaluate and engage with prospective licensing, marketing and drug development/discovery partners and value licensing assets in the biopharmaceutical and life science industry.


Business Development & Licensing Support services include:


Licensing Screening

We provide broad spectrum of licensing support including disease area identification, screening and prioritization of assets for global biopharmaceutical companies.

Forecasting and Opportunity Assessment

Combining our deep domain knowledge and market assessment expertise, we provide pharma companies with forecasting and commercial potential assessment support

Specialty Services

Our specialty healthcare offerings help clients from Vaccines, Consumer healthcare and Medical devices industry to obtain meaningful insights and strategic competitive information.


Our Specialty Healthcare services include:


Consumer Healthcare

Having the right mix of marketing, branding and analytical capabilities, we offer high value project and intelligence support spanning OTC to Nutraceuticals to Personal Care

Specialty Healthcare - Vaccines

We understand the in-depth complexity of Vaccines market and leverage our academically sound and experienced Bio-Pharma analysts’ experience to support Vaccine players with extensive intelligence reports and insights.

Medical Devices

Our medical device offerings include market assessment and segmentation reports, account level performance analysis, data collection, sales forecasts and high value market indicator assessments