Data Security

We are highly committed towards safeguarding information and data through well-articulated security and privacy strategies.

Our data privacy and information security program and practices are focused on sharing information appropriately and ethically; while providing client's confidentiality, integrity and assurance.

Here is a bird's eye view of our Data security and Infrastructure:

VE's Data Security and Client Confidentiality – Key Initiatives

The in-house dedicated IT expert team at Value Edge implements all the key initiatives for securing data and sensitive information through intelligent Firewalls, segmented VLAN’s and complex VPN encryption. The team systematically secures data and client information wherever it is processed transmitted, stored, used or created.

The data security design at Value Edge is based on simple but most effective, three-tier layered architecture.

Physical Security & Infrastructure

  • Access control to premises through Biomarker and Card authentication
  • CCTV and Intruder Alarms
  • Restricted server room access with high tech IR detectors for intrusion
  • Load balanced internet gateway setup
  • Central data repository with real time backup

IT Security

  • Controlled access with granular privileges on data
  • Intelligently built firewalls for intrusion defense
  • External access to Value Edge’s database only through encrypted VPN tunnels to limited users
  • Ability to create VLAN’s and isolated networks through managed Switches.
  • Client’s IT infrastructure access to the offshore VE team through secured VPN tunnels and Citrix logins, which also includes device hardening


  • Employee trainings in Data Security and Client confidentiality code of Value Edge
  • Quarterly internal and external security audits
  • Value Edge legal and media compliance trainings are imparted to the employees